A Day Spent with Tina Rodas of Hi Tree!


location: Los Angeles, CA

specialty: plush toys & sunshine

quote: “I like things with fangs, especially cute things” 

website: www.hitree.com

When A Day Spent was first conceived, a primary goal of the project was to explore how artists and creative individuals express their personalities through the places they work and live in. If the LA based home studio of plush maker Tina Rodas was a person, it would be the identical twin Tina never knew she had. I spent the morning inside Tina’s little cove of double rainbows and sunshine while she put together one of her more popular pieces who (not which) she lovingly named Mr. Tree Stump. While it normally requires asking what the origin of each featured artist’s business name is, it only took a little while with Tina to figure out that the name hi tree! came from the conversation she had while giving life to her adorable new buddies (in the most she’s-not-insane way possible). After deciding design school wasn’t for her, Tina put her doodles to work and started making little plush toys for her daughter. One thing led to another and she’s now making them full time, bringing tree hugging to new levels.

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