A Day Spent with The Brothers Wright


location: Hollywood, CA

specialty: commercial and documentary photography

shop tunes: vinyl from their extensive collection

website: www.thebrotherswright.com

cinestill: www.cinestillfilm.com

Thirty year-old twin brothers Brian and Brandon Wright are two prime examples of the dying breed of film photographers. Naturally inclined to tinkering, the brothers’ Hollywood studio is filled with half disassembled cameras, several of which older than the both of them combined. Frustrated with the fact that a color film that handles low light situations in tungsten lighting no longer existed for still photography, the brothers began work on a process that would allow them to modify Kodak’s┬áVision 3 500T cinema film so it could be shot using 35mm still cameras and developed with standard color film chemical processes, as opposed to the specialized chemistry used in movie productions. Paying tribute to its cinematic background, the brothers have dubbed their creation CineStill which is available in both the USA and the EU through their website. During the time I spent with the Brothers Wright in their studio, Brandon was putting the finishing touches on their latest Franken-camera, a one-of-a-kind twin lens reflex camera capable of shooting 4×5 stills based on the DIY Duo camera kit.

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