A Day Spent with The Local Branch


location: Anywheresville, USA (you can check out their travel plans on their blog)

specialty: leather goods and hand painted screen printing

website: www.thelocalbranch.co

quote: “It’s one thing to work really hard for a paycheck but it’s another thing to work really hard for something that is “you””

After tiring of the grind that came from working traditional day jobs, Mackenzie and Blaine decided they were going to do what every wanderluster dreams of and hit the road. Together, they formed The Local Branch–a company based out of a 1979 Airstream trailer that creates goods that are made not in America but throughout America (the city where each piece of their merchandise is handwritten on the hangtags). Combining their love of Americana and travel, Blaine and Mackenzie create products inspired by the spirit of the American frontier. The goal of A Day Spent has always been to explore how live/work spaces reflect the personalities of the people inhabiting them. Mackenzie and Blaine’s Airstream trailer is the poster child for this ideal. After successfully raising the money to buy the trailer, Blaine and Mackenzie got to work fully overhauling the inside (check out their feature on Today.com for before and after photos) to create a beautiful and functional live/work space that completely captures both of their personalities.

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