A Day Spent with the O’Donnell Family


location: Riverton, NJ

Jimmy’s friendship is one of the many blessings photography has given me. After being friends through the internet for a couple years, we finally met in real life at a mutual friend’s birthday party in Seattle over the summer. A couple months later while visiting friends in NY, Jimmy helped me through an incredibly difficult personal crisis in the most genuine, unselfish manner imaginable. After meeting his family a few days later, there was no question in my mind where he got it from. A little over four years ago, Jimmy’s dad, James, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer completely out of the blue and given 6 months to live. Four years later now, the O’Donnell family has bonded together in a beautiful way. The strength that had been found through their father’s fight is truly amazing. As Jimmy and I were headed out the door to get me to the airport to catch my flight home to LA, the family had one final photo request: a photo of the words “Live Strong” each of them had gotten in support of their dad’s fight with cancer, with his having marks representing each year he had fought past the doctor’s subscribed expiration date. Needless to say, I left the family’s home in Riverton that morning with a smile on my face.

you can view Jimmy’s photography here

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