A Day Spent with WhyrHymer

The Woodbutcher

location: Hollywood, CA

specialty: lighting fixtures and furniture

quote: “That one of them whyrhymers?” 

website: www.whyrhymer.com

 I was introduced to Los Angeles furniture designer Brandon Morrison through the A Day Spent feature with Sean of 33Stew. When first looking through Brandon’s site, I came across his self filmed series of videos that give a great behind the scenes look at his process as a craftsman and a designer. Being that one of the fundamental goals of A Day Spent is to capture the individually unique processes of each featured craftsmen, I knew it would be awesome to feature someone who is as excited about documenting and sharing their process as I am. After a couple scheduling snafus and a crazy holiday season, our schedules finally aligned for me to spend the day at his Hollywood workshop while he and his assistant put together the final pieces of one of his Manhattan series ceiling lighting fixtures. Originally hailing from a tiny town in Louisiana, Brandon moved to LA 15 years ago to pursue a career in acting. During the first few years of living and working as a handyman in LA, Brandon found himself picking up more and more jobs designing and making furniture. Brandon was able to negotiate a deal with his landlord at the time to use the basement as his workshop in exchange for handyman services in his building and with that, WhyrHymer was born. One of the questions I had for Brandon when I got to his shop was what the origin was, and how to pronounce the name, WhyrHymer. He told me the story of the hillbilly friend in Louisiana who couldn’t pronounce the breed of his then dog, a Weimaraner and for some reason it just stuck with him. Although Brandon considers wood to be his primary medium of expertise, a quick look through his portfolio of furniture and fixtures displays his brilliant knack for pulling together the perfect combination of wood and non-wood elements in his designs.


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Be sure to check out Brandon’s “Wood Butcher” video series on his site if you liked what you saw here.